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Talc powder and calcium carbonate have what different?

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Qingdao Pingjie Powder Co., Ltd.www.twistmovies.com is located in the national large-scale high-quality talc production, the scenic coastal city of Qingdao, the company introduced advanced production line equipment and testing instruments, so that my company produce superfine talc powder, calcite powder capacity and quality of non metal powder in the domestic leading position, is a good raw material paint, paint, plastic, pencil etc.
The talcum powder
The main component of talc is magnesium silicate talc water, molecular formula is Mg3 (Si4O10) (OH) 2. Talc is monoclinic. Crystal was false six square or diamond shaped sheet, were occasionally seen. Usually into dense clumps, Ye Pianzhuang, radial, fibreassemblies. Qingdao talc powder is mainly colorless or white, but because it contains a small amount of impurities and rendering light green, light yellow, light brown or light red.
The introduction of calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compounds, commonly known as: limestone, limestone, limestone, marble etc.. Main ingredients: calcite, is a kind of compound, chemical formula is CaCO, neutral, almost insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid. It is common in earth material, aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, Shi Huihua rock, also is the main component of animal bones or shell. Qingdao calcium carbonate is an important building material, uses a wide range of industry. Calcium carbonate is composed of calcium and carbonate ions combine to form, so it is also calcium carbonate
Talc powder and calcium carbonate are used as filler, its main purpose is:
Increase the heat resistance of the material, increase the dimensional stability (i.e., reduce the shrinkage) reduce the material cost, increase the stiffness of materials.
Any of the items are good bad bad, there must have advantages disadvantages.
Use is not good, the impact toughness decreased, the density increased, material gloss decreased.
The difference between talc and calcium carbonate:
Calcium carbonate is generally granular, so its stiffness and other aspects than talcum powder, but its price is low, and high whiteness, while the impact toughness of small plastic. Talc shape is generally patchy, so it has higher stiffness, dimensional stability and heat resistance temperature, enhance the effect is very good. The reality of heavy calcium carbonate is generally can be divided into calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate, talc powder but without this distinction, talcum powder are grinding out of the natural mineral. Talc is the nucleation effect of polypropylene, and calcium carbonate in this effect is not obvious.

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