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Qingdao talcum powder characteristics and price trends

Author :ShijieChemical powder     Release time : 2015-05-09     Hits : time

Qingdao talc powder is the main component of magnesium silicate, it is characterized by good lubrication, anti adhesion, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, good gloss, strong adsorption and other excellent characteristics. It is widely used in medicine and food, papermaking, coating and cosmetics etc..
Do most plastic masterbatch are calcium carbonate added. But they have to be calcite crystallization of minerals. Because the ore is not the same, although there is calcium carbonate, but some can play out the material. Some won't come out. Qingdao talc powder and calcium carbonate can be, from a cost point than the low calcium carbonate talc, from the production process, calcium carbonate talc processing.
Influence of environmental governance, the talc price rising trend, the average price rose 10 yuan to 100 yuan, ordinary low-end high-end increases smaller, larger, the specific price information please contact us, we will provide the latest price information of talcum powder for you, welcome customers to purchase all walks of life!
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