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Talcum powder is introduced

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Talc English called PULVISTALCI, is a white, fine, no sand powder, touch the greasy feeling. Odorless, tasteless. This product is in water, dilute acid or dilute alkali hydroxide solution are not dissolved. Used medicinally. Qingdao talc market scale has expanded several times or even several times than the beginning of the reform, its development achievements.
It is a form of monoclinic crystal is six, square or diamond plate, but perfect crystal is extremely rare, usually dense block granular and scaly. Light green, white or gray. Skin white or pale green. Gloss fatty cleavage planehas, pearl. Translucent to opaque. Cleavage along the bottom completely. The hardness of 1, the proportion of 2.7-2.8. Sweet nature, there is greasy feeling. Talc can be cut into any shape, sheet can bend, but no elastic.
Storage method: Qingdao talc powder store a lot of people think that the lower the temperature, so many people will use multiple doses or talc bottled repeatedly placed in the refrigerator to save. This refrigeration method can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria, but usually, drug shelf life can according to the instruction and preservation conditions, under normal circumstances, the storage temperature at 10-30 degrees Celsius, cool conditions, at 20 degrees Celsius; cold at 2 DEG C to 8 C.
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